"I just really fucking couldn't care less what people are saying about me. I'm not interested in living like a Kennedy because I'm not my grandfather and I'm not my uncle. I have my own fuck ups to deal with, I can't be bothered with trying to live up to anyone's expectations. I just want to do my own shit, which isn't a lot to ask for."

the only grandson of former president john f. kennedy, jamie schlossberg definitely looks every bit of the american royalty he is. but if you're looking for prince charming, watch out: this twenty-six year old has spent most of his life popping up the in news and social media because of all the wild antics he gets into. he definitely seems as if he's living his life to the fullest, no matter what people may think about him.
NAME. james bouvier kennedy schlossberg, but more commonly known as jamie schlossberg. his official photography is credited to j.kennedy.

BORN. june 1st, 1988 — a mature twenty-six.

PARENTS. caroline kennedy & edwin schlossberg.

SIBLINGS. a twin sister.

RESIDENCES. the various kennedy properties, which include family compounds at hyannis port on cape cod, palm beach in florida, homes outside new york city, and red gate farm in martha's vineyard. jamie's main residence is an apartment in new york city, though he also seems to have homes in los angeles and london.

EDUCATION. perhaps in memory of his uncle, jamie attended collegiate school in new york city for much of his early education. jamie graduated from harvard university (a concession to his mother/family's wishes) with a bfa in comparative literature in 2012. by his own admission, it was a way to "really separate myself from the family legacy, which was an unnecessarily huge fucking burden."

OCCUPATION. when he's not in and out of various gossip columns, jamie is a notable photographer, with a gallery in new york city. he has also appeared in various music videos and a handful of modeling shoots.

ESTIMATED WORTH. while it's not certain, forbes has estimated that the kennedy fortune amounts to $1 billion, the bulk of which comes from family trusts and is supplemented by various properties and inheritances. as the only remaining child of john kennedy and jacqueline bouvier, jamie's mother caroline is known to be the richest descendant.

CAUSES. jamie publicly supports the john f. kennedy center for the performing arts, which was named for his grandfather, and his photographs can be seen throughout the center.

CAN BE FOUND. if you want to catch a sight of jamie, just head out to new york city's moxt exclusive night spots and you'll usually see him with a beautiful girl (or sometimes even boy) on his arm and a smile on his face, having the time of his life. it's hard to predict exactly where he'll be going on any given night, as jamie seems to be a regular at the top of the standard, space ibiza nyc, the rose bar, the box, and marquee, among countless other night clubs, bars, lounges, and restaurants. he's also a well-known member of the norwood club and soho house nyc.